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Many of us are so wealthy, and yet we do even realize it? We have been trained to measure wealth in terms of our bank accounts or our investment portfolios rather than see it from a broader perspective. In the traditional Vedic literature the secondary manifestations are known as the Ashta Lakshmi or the eight powers of Lakshmi.

My spiritual teacher, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar elaborated on these below and gave a discourse on the 8 aspects of Lakshmi in his book, Punarnava: New Again. In studying the traditional depictions of Lakshmi in sacred art, I realized that he had a rather innovative take on these forms.

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I have added a few thoughts about how these show up in Vedic astrology but that would be a much longer article. I am working on developing an index to quantify these qualities for evaluating charts. Depicted as six-armed, in red garments and carrying a discus, a conch, Amrita kumbha or a pitcher containing the elixir of life, a bow-arrow and a lotus in each arm with gold coins falling from it.

The first type of wealth is what we commonly understand as wealth in physical money and property. Many of you may know people who inherit money but who are miserable and cannot succeed at anything they do. Many times family members get into ugly fights around inherited money that is acquired without any effort. They feel guilty or undeserving and they may squander it.

You probably also know people who have a lot of money but are constantly battling health issues.

While there are numerous yogas for wealth, I find that 2 nd and 8 th houses have to be strong and well-fortified by benefics in their own signs or exalted or in friends signs for this to be substantial. Here Lakshmi is depicted as having eight arms in green garments, carrying two lotuses and a paddy crop, sugarcane bananas and having two hands in abhaya mudra and varada mudra. While often translated as agriculture, I think that this aspect of wealth may be associated with food and health.

It is often noted that people spend so much energy acquiring physical wealth and then spend half of it to gain back their health. They may have serious health problems or they cannot eat many foods due to ulcers or diabetes or liver problems. You may also know people that have beautiful homes but they cannot enjoy them because of their health problems or problems sleeping. The tragic death of Michael Jackson is a recent example as he had to be put on a very potent drug used in surgery just to get any sleep at all. Of what use is all that wealth? Physical wealth without health to enjoy it is worthless.

I work a lot with the farm community and they are such a wealthy bunch because no matter what is happening in the stock market, they have their land, their livestock and their crops and they feel very abundant. They have affluence to feed the whole town in times of trouble.

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This is the second type of wealth. Taurus, the 2 nd natural sign of the zodiac is the obvious embodiment of these qualities and when strong and when the 2 nd house is well aspected by benefics and especially if Venus is in her own sign in the 2 nd , house, these qualities will shine. The native has an angry disposition. The native will have house, wealth, properties, immovable and movable assets. If two planets occupy the 10th, the native may become a Tapasvi or yogi.

If one planet occupies the 10th with strength, he will become a Jnani no more rebirths. Native will gain hidden wealth. The native will be educated and intelligent. He will be rich and well versed in Silpa Sasthiram i. The author makes an additional point to stress that a "widow" may not literally be a widow in this context, but that it could mean a marriage that is not traditionally favoured.

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Vedic Astrology - Lesson 20

The native will own a house, vehicles, and lead a comfortable life. However, mother's health may be affected.

He will not fear the Lord of Death, Yama. Follow Us: Rahu and Ketu Astrology.

What is Ashta Lakshmi Yoga in astrology? | Spiritual Sadhana

Rahu in English called Dragon Head Hakpuranik texts Hakketu it said the head of the serpent with the ominous sum makes it Kalsarpa it being so different in different planets and space Yoga is different builds. Vedic astrology planet known as Rahu natural sinful any amount of this planet and hence the amount is the amount that the owner or the sixth sense located in the fruit and Hakrahu in the center is the master and the sum Ashtlkshmi Ashtalakshmi yoga , a good yoga forms.

Ashtlkshmi yoga Ashtalakshmi yoga Rahu in full nature forsaken their sin like Guru gives good fruit. That get fame and respect is Divine grace on them. Rahu in formulations by auspicious ascendant factor sum Lagna Karaka Yoga is also the name of the principal.